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They did it, "Waiting For The Sun" was The Doors first and only album to reach #1 and it produced The Doors second #1 single titled, "Hello, I Love You."

'Waiting For The Sun',Wikipedia

The anti-war movement was huge and The Doors released what would become a theme song for such movement, "The Unknown Soldier."

Oddly enough the single 'Waiting For The Sun" didn't even appear on this album, yet showed up two years later on 'Morrison Hotel'.

The album was a total commercial success yet as a lot of anything The Doors did it took some heat from the critics. They felt the album was too soft compared to the previous albums where they were more edgy.

The Original LP Track List:

  1. "Hello, I Love you"
  2. "Love Street"
  3. "Not To Touch The Earth"
  4. "Summer's Almost Gone"
  5. "Wintertime Love"
  6. "The Unknown Soldier"

Side 2

  1. "Spanish Caravan"
  2. "My Wild Love"
  3. "We Could Be So Good Together"
  4. Yes, The River Knows"
  5. "Five to One"

The album was released in July 1968.

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The Doors performing, "Hello, I Love You":