Minnesota is a very unique state I personally believe, because every time that we leave the state or if an out-of-towner visit, we always get asked questions that are pretty ridiculous. Well at least to us.

So we asked you Loonatics via Facebook, “What’s the dumbest question you’ve heard about living in Minnesota?”


Here’s the top 10:

♦️ Becky Francis --  "In the 80's when I lived out in New York, the family that I lived with asked me 'Do you guys have indoor plumbing? Also do you know how to run a washer and dryer?'"

♦️ Dill McNilly -- "Does everyone really say ya darn tootin'? To which I replied ya darn tootin'"

♦️ Shaun Brady -- 'While in FL for military training I was asked by someone, "Do you see a lot of polar bears?"'

♦️ Kris Koehler -- "Have you ever seen the movie 'Fargo'?"

♦️ Char Jacobsen Warzecha -- "Is Minnesota a state?"

♦️ Brian Wheeler -- "Minnesota... that's north of Canada, right?"

♦️ Mike Greenly -- "Does the snow ever melt?"

♦️ Tamara Dalton Warner -- "Does everybody talk like they do in 'Fargo'?"

♦️ Kelly Plieseis --  "How many lakes do you really have??"

♦️ Don Skue -- "Are there pine trees there?"


Here's two extra from our own Loon family:

♦️ Barry Allen -- "Do you guys have mosquitoes?"

♦️ 'Whiskey' Dick Nelson -- "How can you stand to live in that frozen tundra?"

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