Oh yes, The Eagles. Honestly, they’re one of those bands that everyone likes. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anyone say “I don’t like The Eagles.” It’s kind of like the Vikings winning the Super Bowl – it just doesn’t happen (insert sarcastic laugh here.) But really, what’s not to like?

Everything from Don Henley’s cool, airy voice and clever lyricism to Joe Walsh’s blistering guitar solos is pretty spot on. Despite “Hotel California” being the most over-played song of all time (next to maybe “Free Bird” or “Stairway To Heaven”) there are still tons of Eagles tunes I absolutely love – “Witchy Woman” “One Of These Nights” and “Tequila Sunrise” to name a few.

If for some reason you weren’t able to attend The Eagles concert at Target Field a couple years ago, then you're in luck because they're coming back to Minnesota. They're going to be performing the Hotel California album on this particular tour. They'll be playing on Friday, April 3rd at the Xcel Energy Center.

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