Lately we have seen quite a few businesses close downtown St. Cloud and in the surrounding area.  It's always kind of a bummer when this happens, but this one hit a little bit more home.  I worked for Herberger's for about 3 and a half years in the 90s.  It's just one of those places where it was convenient, you didn't have to drive across town... if you lived on this side... to take advantage of a department store shopping.


Loved the fact that you could shop and not be dealing with the mall crowd and parking... and now that the ramp is there, the downtown parking problem has been mostly fixed.

So, now that it's closing, mostly because parent company Bon-Ton is liquidating their assets, what happens there?  That is a huge building that could be something cool for downtown.  Even though it depresses me that it's going away, although the time frame hasn't been confirmed, there could be something good going into that space.

What would you like to see?

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