It’s no secret that I love The Fabulous Armadillos. And to be honest, I think basically everyone in central Minnesota does. It’s easy to understand why. When these guys put on a performance, it’s unlike anything else you’ll ever witness.

A Dillo’s show is intimate, powerful, and fun all the same time. I’ve written extensively about the majesty of their Pink Floyd tribute (which, sadly, they are not doing this year) as well as the awesome tribute to The Eagles.

Well dear reader, I am happy to announce the next awesome show from The Fabulous Armadillos. “From The Grave” is a tribute to artists who have passed on. They will be paying tribute to artists such as Aretha Franklin, Chuck Berry, Tom Petty and several others.

You can catch two back to back performances of “From The Grave” at the Le Musique Room in St. Michael. On November 20th and 21st. Both shows will start at 7:30 pm and you can buy a ticket online now for as cheap as $34.

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