I've been a Minnesota Vikings fan for a very long time. In fact, it goes all the way back to when Joe Capp was the Viking's quarterback. I've seen the ups and downs and said more times than I care to count "next year".

I've witnessed the Vikings lose Super Bowls, playoff games and watched them pull off semi miracles. They've always been fun to watch, win or lose.


There were some years there where most plays were run up the middle. So much so that when I was in San Diego in the 70's watching a Chargers game, during the days of Coach Don "Air" Coryell and quarterback Dan Fouts, I remember thinking to myself "They can throw the ball?"

Well, the Vikings soon stepped up with the likes of Chris Carter and Randy Moss and the Vikings became much more exciting to watch. And now with Diggs, Thielen, Cook, Rudolf and , of course Cousins, this could be the year. Keeping my fingers and eyes crossed.

Hoping the Vikings beat Seattle next and San Francisco crushes the Packers.  It should be a very interesting to watch the rest of the season  GO VIKES!

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