The event on September 26th on the White House lawn to introduce Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett seems to have turned into a super spreader event.

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If you've seen video of the event, you'd see very few masks and well, social distancing pretty much didn't exist. I saw Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett sitting with her young child, both without masks on.

Since then, the President and First Lady, Attorney General, William Barr, Chis Christie, Kelly Ann Conway a hand full of senators have tested positive for the virus. Just today, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced that she too has contracted the virus, after testing positive this morning (Monday).

I don't know if these people thought they were too important to be affected by the virus, or what. After nearly 210,000 Americans have lost their lives due to the virus or complications of it, you'd think people would take it more seriously.

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In my opinion, the fact that the virus has become a political thing, we are not getting any nearer to bringing the curve down enough to get back to some kind of normal.

Maybe, just maybe, after the president comes out of the hospital he might have a different view on things and approach this virus with a little more respect.

In the meantime, wear a mask. Trust me it doesn't make you look weak.  It makes you look like you might give a sh*t about the people around you. Social distance, and wash your hands.

If you think you have been in contact with anyone that's has tested positive for the virus, get tested and quarantine yourself for 14 days. If you're not afraid of getting the virus, great, but keep in mind that you may pass it on to innocent people in your life that may not survive it.

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