With Labor Day weekend approaching us rather quickly, I’m sure that you’re probably wondering how to spend that extra day off. Lets be honest – an extra day of free time can mean a lot.

Americans are often accused of being lazy, but statistically speaking we work more hours on a weekly basis than almost any other first world country. As a matter of fact, there are laws in several western European countries that will not allow you to work more than 36 hours in a week.

Now, my job happens to be pretty awesome, so working 6 days a week isn’t a huge deal, but for a lot of other people, pulling 50 hour work weeks (or more in some cases) can get pretty exhausting.


Thankfully, most of us will be getting Monday off to celebrate Labor Day. So, what is the ideal way to spend that extra day off? Should you visit Valley Fair? Go to a sports gathering?

Take your family out to a nice restaurant (cough cough, Green Mill)? Or throw a raging party? As much as I love eating at Green Mill and going to Valley Fair, the ideal Labor Day weekend involves none of this.

Honestly, how can you have that much energy when you’re working that often? The ideal Labor Day weekend, dear reader, is spent doing nothing. That’s right – nothing. Just relax, crack open a beer, and enjoy. Trust me, you won’t regret it. It's probably the way that I will be spending my extra day off.

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