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I'm simply amazed by this boy. His name is Elliott Tanner. You must watch the video because it's hard to believe this is a true story.

Elliott is a real-life Sheldon Cooper (from 'The Big Bang Theory).'  We first learned about Elliott when he was about 10 years old, and now, at just 15 years old, Elliott has graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Master's Degree in Physics. He has always had a passion for physics since he was young, and is in his third year of his PH.D program researching Dark Matter, and if he stays on his current track, will be Dr. Tanner when he is just 18 years old.

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Many people who don't dig into this story may think that his parents are slave drivers, but it's quite the opposite. Their child has just been meeting incredible milestones since he was four weeks old. He started rolling over at that early age; soon after he was babbling, and able to recite the alphabet by the age of two. His dad said just for fun, he decided to then learn the alphabet in Swedish just 'for the heck of it.'

By 10 he was in his second year of college and had earned a Bachelor's Degree by the time he was 13. His parents say that sometimes they have to step outside of the box and realize that this is out of the ordinary.

Elliott just loves learning. Watch the video and learn about his incredible learning journey. I think Elliott is going to discover the origins of the universe. Go Elliott!

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