Music Festivals can be fun. But as I have gotten older, I tend to like them less. I am not into large crowds. And when you add large amounts of alcohol, things can get crazy. Just too many people acting like idiots.

But what's the most annoying things people do at them? According to a survey of 1,800 people from Four Loko, here are the top 14 things the annoy people...

1.Peeing outside Porta-Potties. (Gross)
2. Holding up signs. (Annoying)
3. Smelly bodies. (Again...gross)
4. Moshing / Crowd Surfing. (That's still a thing?)
5. Sneaking in or sharing bracelets. (Cheaters)
6. Taking video during a set. (Don't care)
7. Pushing to the front during a set. (Rude)
8. People on drugs. (Sometimes it's funny, sometimes not)
9. Hooking up / PDA. (Get a room)
10. Showing a lot of skin. (Depends who it is)
11. Cultural appropriation.
12. Funny T-shirts / Costumes. (I actually don't mind that)
13. Talking during a set. (Inconsiderate)
14. Singing along loudly. (If it's when your supposed to it's fine)

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