Thanksgiving.  I tend to call it the "eating holiday" because, yes, we are to give thanks for all of the blessings that we are able to experience and enjoy.  But also, we eat.  I feel like what actress Jennifer Lawrence once said in an interview "I work out so that I can eat".  Well, that sounds like something that I would, and should do as well.

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There are always those things that people have for Thanksgiving meals that are a "tradition" but not necessarily something that everyone likes.  There was a side dish at a Friendsgiving that we had years ago (and not here in Minnesota) where everyone was to bring something to share.  Of course, there were the usual suspects, but also a type of cranberry hash or something that was a tradition is their family and I am so sorry to say this, but it was awful.  I actually think it would have been ok if it hadn't been for the excessive orange zest.  Yikes.  It was bitter and not great.  But, we all ate it... mixing it with other food as not to offend the person who brought it.

On that note, what is the worst Thanksiving food?  This study is divided up by state.  Here in Minnesota, the most hated food is.... Green Bean Casserole!!!!  Ok - some of those are better than others.  If it's super soupy- hard pass.  But if the consistency is a little thicker, it's not too bad.  But not my fave, either.

Get this - in Maine, Oregon and Idaho the worst Thanksgiving food is TURKEY!!  That's kind of hilarious.  Many states, including Wisconsin listed the cranberries as the worst food.  Personally, I like the stuff that comes ot of the can.  I know - weird.  But that's me.  Bu there were 17 states that disliked the cranberries.

You can check out the entire study that was done by and see what the results were.

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