If you are someone who enjoys a good beer while watching a baseball game, you are in good company.  I don't really know of many people who don't.  But what are you actually enjoying?  As in, what kind of beer?  My first thought would be the big brands like Miller, Budweiser, maybe a Sam Adams... you know, the familiar ones.  But, as far as our beloved Twins go, that isn't the case...necessarily.


 It is possible... just maybe that we have become somewhat of a bunch of "beer snobs" and I say that with great love.  We just don't want "a beer" we want "really good beer" and apparently we are willing to pay a bit more for said "good beer".

According to USA Today, the most popular beer at Target Field is Next Coast from Goose Island Brewing.

Now, let's be fair here.  The information that USA Today used was based on social media check ins.  That, and checking into an app or website called Untapped. This was not based on actual beer sales.  And people who use this app are generally people who would be prone to drinking craft beers.  So, maybe the actual study should say not "what's the most popular beer" but more along the lines of "what's the most posted about beer". Or even stating what is the most liked beer as far as craft beers or local beers at Target Field.

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It's not that the more mainstream beers didn't make the list.  Miller was the most popular beer in Cleveland, and Budweiser was the most popular in St. Louis- well, of course it was.  Like Duh, on that one. I almost feel like St. Louis fans feel like they HAVE to drink Budweiser beers.

Whatever the deal is- I'm just glad we can go to see the Twins play at Target Field now.  And hopefully full capacity sooner than later.

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