The Most Talented Person On Earth?

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images


You know who the most talented person in the world is? No, it’s not Johnny Depp, Tom Brady, or Adam Driver (though I do love myself some Adam Driver.) The most talented person in the world is Maynard James Keenan (yes, here comes another Tool related post – sorry – not sorry.) This guy is unreal. Not only has he been the front-man for multi-platinum prog-rock titans – Tool – for nearly 30 years, but he also fronts A Perfect Circle (another multi-platinum rock band) along with his independent electronic band, Puscifer. But wait, there’s more. When he’s not busy being a rock star in 3 of the worlds coolest bands, he makes his own wine at Caduceus Vineyards. You’d think between performing with several bands and making world class wine that he wouldn’t have time for anything else, right? Wrong! He’s also a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Pretty nuts, huh? In my opinion, MJK is the most talented guy on planet Earth. Who do you think is the most gifted, living person?

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