I’ve spent much of my adult life indulging myself in the pleasures of alcohol. I’ve gone through different phases: rum, whiskey, vodka, the list goes on and on. However, as of recently I think I've found my alcohol niche with wine.

A lot of people in my life really despise the taste of the grape based beverage. They don’t like the bitter, dry texture, but personally I’ve grown quite fond of it. Red wine is my preference. There’s something more full bodied about it than its white counterpart, and I’m not much of a chardonnay fan.

Though I’ve been trying my hand at several different types of wine recently, I still have a lot to learn. If you’re like me and are interested in educating yourself a little more on this delicious beverage, you should check out Secrets Of The Somm: Intro To Deductive Wine Tasting at North Loop Wine And Spirits in Minneapolis.

The speakers will be educating attendees on every aspect of the wine tasting experience. Secrets Of The Somm will be taking place on March 14th from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. You can get your tickets now for $44.

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