Photography is something that has always interested me that I’ve never taken the time to submerge myself in. I do however, have a couple of cousins who are really into it – which obviously makes me an expert by proxy (kidding.) But there’s clearly a little more to taking pictures than taking a million selfies in a day and posting them on social media platforms.

Photography done right, is an art form. It should be about more than feeding the narcissism of a self centered generation of adolescents (wow, just typing that statement makes me feel like a middle aged man. Next thing you know I’ll be yelling at people to get off my lawn.)

If you’re like me and you’d like to learn the basics of what it takes to be a photographer, you should check out the Photography Workshop at The Great River Regional Library (Clearwater) on May 2nd. The class is intended to help you take better pictures. Beginners are encouraged to attend this group of amateur photographers. It starts at 6 pm and is intended for teens and adults.

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