I have to start this by saying that I do not agree with some people's view of what the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame "should" be. I don't define 'rock and roll' as bands that sound like "rock music" or need to have certain types of instruments like guitars, drums, etc.

If you define it like that you are not only missing the point but don't really understand the definition of the term 'rock and roll' and it's history.

The term rock and roll stems from the early 1930's and 1940's. It was a mixture of blues, jazz, r&b, country and more. In fact, the two lead instruments in the beginning of rock and roll were the piano and the saxophone.

I think 'rock and roll' is something more than that. It's beyond genre and sound and styles. It's a mind set. it's an attitude, and in many cases, a rebellion against the establishment. So I don't usually have an issue with most artists that the Hall does let in.

What I do have is an issue with some of the artists it doesn't. Artists that have made an significant impact and/or have had a major influence on music. And many have been eligible for quite some time. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is notorious for this.

Some that have been denied for years include: Devo (18), Iron Maiden (16), Warren Zevon (26), John Coltrane (40), Rage Against The Machine...just to name a few. I also agree that Tina Turner should be inducted on her own, not with Ike's name attached.

You can add Pat Benatar to that list. She's been snubbed for 21 years now. She's a  Grammy winner, multi-platinum album seller and one the most popular female rock artist ever. I thought for sure this was her year.

I thought Judas Priest should have been inducted as well.

So Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, you screwed up again. At least the Doobie Brothers made it finally.

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(Side note) Dave Matthews Band wasn't inducted in their first year of eligibility even though they dominated they 'fan vote'. It was the first time since they started the fan vote, that the number one voted artist wasn't inducted. What's really the point of the fan vote then? It's like saying "hey fans, we want to know who you want, unless we don't want it". The fan vote should have a little more weight than it does. Isn't part of the reason for having it is to get more music fans involved and engaged in the process?


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