When they first started out in 1962, they could have their pick of groupies, now they bypass groupies in favor of board games. 

If you've ever watched the Def Leppard Behind the Music, Joe Elliot confesses that in their hey day, they had a bevy of naked women underneath the stage waiting to do whatever it is the guys wanted them to do. Google "Led Zeppelin Mud Shark" and see what happens. The heavy breathing and sighing on Rocket Queen by Guns n' Roses is the sounds that were recorded by audio engineers when Axl snuck a groupie into the studio.

Apparently, for the Rolling Stones, groupies are a thing of the past.

According to an interview with Sally Wood, the wife of guitarist Ronnie Wood in the Daily Telegraph, Ronnie's son assures us that Sally is no groupie. You see, in the interview, it says that the Rolling Stones have given up groupies in favor of backgammon. Sally says she is organizing the tournament for when the band hits the road in October.

She says now that the guys are grandparents, they pass the time like grandparents and that includes board games, puzzles and TV shows.

According to Sally, the guys especially like jigsaw puzzles because "They're very good for the brain." She adds that they also like murder mysteries that air on British television, but they're also quite fond of American shows like Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black.