When I was in the sixth grade, I won our class spelling bee. It’s sad to say, and a little embarrassing that I hit my “ceiling” of spelling at that point in my life.  

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I’m convinced that my “superpower” is fooling spell check. My abilities, or lack thereof, cause spell check to shrug its shoulders and say, “I have no idea what you’re trying to spell”.  

That’s just another reason why being a Radio Personality is more my cup of tea, we don’t have to spell words to say them. And when I do write, it takes me a little longer because of my dependence on assistance.  

Making spelling mistakes is easy to do. Let’s face it, we’re in a hurry; always. Life gets in the way and our attention is easily swayed. And there’s a prime example right here in Minnesota. 

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has a sign off Interstate 35 East that misspells the name of the road that you can exit on. “Ayd Mill Road” is off Exit 104 B, but it’s spelled “Ady” Mill Road on the sign telling drivers they need to be in that lane to exit onto the road. Of course, “Ady” isn’t right. As I spelled correctly a few sentences back, it’s spelled “Ayd”. 

This is obviously a bit embarrassing! But, to add insult to injury, there’s a sign just up the Interstate from the misspelled sign that indicates where Exit 104B is, and it is spelled correctly. Oops.  

TV Station, KTSP says they’ve reached out to the D-O-T and will publicize the response when they get one.  

Naturally, the sign will have to be replaced, right? Or does it. Will drivers going at least 75 miles per hour even notice? Does that mean that tax payers in Minnesota will now have to add a misspelling tax to the list of taxes they have to pay?


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