Some applauded it and some were not so happy about the phallic illustration in the sky over Washington state.  The sky drawing that prompted custom shot glasses and internet memes was a mystery to many. This is the inside story of how two navy pilots drew the penis in the sky back in 2017.

It all started out as a routine 90 minute training flight in the sky over North-central Washington state. After the training session had ended the partner jet flew off and these two navy pilots came up with an idea. "Let's draw a giant penis" said the pilot "that would be awesome" Said the other pilot.


The idea was to draw the giant penis for airliners to see when approaching the nearest airport. Well, some from the ground were a little more than upset about the illustration.

Unfortunately, the complaints reached to the big brass in Washington D.C. There was an investigation and the two pilots involved were reprimanded but due to there spotless records, they was no further punishment for these jet powered artists.

You have to admit, or maybe you don't, it is kind of funny. Just boys being boys. Check out the video below.

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