In the late 90's I Moved to Orlando, Florida and soon landed a job at the #1 rock radio station, WDIZ, Rock 100. This was quite a move for me, moving from market #220 to market #32. It was really a big step for me and I was more than a little stressed about my new gig. It happened to be the 20th anniversary of the radio staion and a big birthday concert was scheduled with Lynyrd Skynyrd headlining. This was Skynyrd's first tour since the horrible plane crash in 1979. I'd only been at the radio station for a very short time when the promotions director for the station walked up and handed me a microphone, cassette deck and a hotel room number with instructions to go to this hotel and interview the Skynyrd band. So, I go to the hotel, a bundle of nerves and knock on the hotel room door. Billy Powell answered the door and let me in. Sitting inside the suite was the entire Skynyrd band. No doubt, the worst celebrity interview of my career.

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