If you’ve seen any of my posts of the course of the last couple of months, you probably know by now that I’ve recently become a die-hard fan of Surly Brewing. These guys are by far my favorite brewery around. They're the biggest craft beer in Minnesota for a reason.

They offer a barrage of original beverages, all of which are absolutely phenomenal. I’ve more or less been drinking Surly exclusively since I first tried their beer. If you dig these guys as much as I do you’ll definitely want to check out the Surly Tap Take Over At Duggies.


It's a Surly themed craft beer tasting event. It will be taking place at Dugarel's Bar in Hastings on Wednesday, February 20th. It kicks off at 5 pm and lasts until 11 pm. It will feature several Minnesotan craft beers, including my favorite - Surly. The entire event is actually centered around my personal favorite Surly beverage - the Darkness Russian Imperial Stout. It's delicious. I can't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday evening.

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