From the time The Beatles and Elvis Presley founded rock-n-roll in the early 60s to Nirvana’s disbanding and the demise of the grunge movement in the 90s, rock music was the most popular force in pop culture on the face of the Earth.

I wish I had been born a little earlier so I could have experienced more of it. Most of my favorite music was released in that 30 year time span, so it would definitely have been cool to see it all happen in person.


Anyway, there were a ridiculous amount of records being sold in those days (before illegal internet downloading became the norm.) Today we’re going to be taking a look at the top 10 best selling classic rock albums of all time. Here we go.

10. Elton John: Greatest Hits – 17 million copies

9. Boston: Boston – 17.5 million copies

8. Guns-N-Roses: Appetite For Destruction – 18 million copies

7. The Beatles: The White Album – 19 million copies

6. Fleetwood Mac: Rumors – 20 million copies

5. AC/DC: Back In Black – 22 million copies

4. Pink Floyd: The Wall – 23 million copies

3. Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin 4 – 23.3 million copies

2. Billy Joel: Greatest Hits – 23.5 million copies

1. The Eagles: Greatest Hits – 29 million copies

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