When you look back over the history of rock music, you’re going to stumble across some pretty iconic albums. Some of them being Dark Side of The Moon, The Wall, The White Album, Back in Black, Appetite For Destruction, Zeppelin 4, Rock of Ages, and many, many others.

I would even go so far as to say that the MOST iconic albums ever conceived are almost exclusively rock records. Despite how many incredible rock records there have been over the years, there have been a fair share of disappointments as well.

There’s nothing worse than finally getting your hands on a highly anticipated album only to realize that it’s a dud. Today we’re going to look at rock’s most disappointing albums.

  1. Chinese Democracy – Guns-N-Roses
  2. The Endless River – Pink Floyd
  3. Van Halen 3 – Van Halen
  4. A Different Kind Of Truth – Van Halen
  5. St. Anger – Metallica
  6. The X Factor – Iron Maiden
  7. Lulu – Metallica and Lou Reed (In my opinion, the worst on the list.)
  8. Fly On the Wall – AC/DC
  9. Forbidden – Black Sabbath
  10. Risk - Megadeth

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