Water is generally very hard on anything, after all it's the most destructive force of energy, yet to see the look on one's face after their cell phone gets wet, that's priceless.A waterproof phone should be a big hit, I mean how many times have you dropped your phone and then how many times have you dropped your phone in water (pool, toilet etc...) or had your phone get wet because of rain or whatever?


Bottom line is we do drop our phones from time to time and on occasion they do get wet, well now Sony has taken the worries away with what's called the Xperia Z. They revealed the phone recently at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.


The phone itself is built with a five-inch screen and has the capability of withstanding up to 30 minutes submerged in water. No more bags filled with rice to dry out your phone, even though you might still keep that in mind since our phones aren't waterproof.

So the next time you drop your lifeline in the toilet, just think it's cool, I'm safe and you can flush your worries away, in a matter of speaking.


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