When I was a kid, I only had two toys, a stick and a rock. When I got tired of the stick, my parents would take it and put it away and give me the rock to play with.


Never would I have imagined owning a game like Flush n Frenzy. A delightful game for the whole family. Just roll the dice and pump the plunger. When the poop flies up the first one to catch it gets points. Fun, huh?


Or, you might try Pimple Pete.  Players spin the wheel and pop one of Pete's pimples without busting open Pete's mega gusher nose pimple.

Here's one where kids use molding clay to make, shape and play with poo. After the toy turd is created, players put it on a mat. Then, kids spin a dial and take turns trying not to step on the poo while walking blindfolded down the mat. Don't Step In It

So, there you go. Happy I could help with your Christmas shopping and be sure to put some money away for future therapy.