When you think of therapy animals, you probably think of a dog, or maybe a cat.  But generally most people think of a dog.  There have been some questionable "therapy animals" recently that people have tried to travel with them.  People have tried to board snakes, turtles, a duck in one case, a peacock, and other animals that just don't serve as a "therapy animal".  But now there is something even a bit different than that at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

This time it's "Munchkin".  Why is Munchkin unusual as a therapy animal?  It's because Munchkin in a horse.  Yes, a horse.

Munchkin in very cute, and has dwarfism.  I honestly didn't know that a horse could have that, I thought it was only people, but not true. Munchkin is a miniature horse already, and also has dwarfism which makes him even smaller than a traditional miniature horse.

Munchkin has been a huge hit with everyone that he has come into contact with. He also wears special shoes so that he doesn't slide on the hospital floors.  The shoes look much like something you would put on your dogs feet in the wintertime to keep their paws warm.

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According to the ABC affiliate in Rochester, Muchkin's handler knew that he would be perfect for the patients at Mayo.

Munchkin is a miniature horse and he’s the newest therapy animal at Mayo Clinic. Munchkin experiences dwarfism, making him a little smaller than traditional miniature horses, but he doesn’t let that slow him down.

His handler, Amanda Peters, says she saw something quite special in munchkin a few years ago and they thought he would be perfect for the kids at Mayo Clinic.

Munchkin has been a therapy animal for a few years, but this is the first time at Mayo Clinic.  Munchkin started there in September.

We get lots and lots of smiles, lots of people saying it made their day. Lots of people very surprised that they’re seeing a horse,” said Peters

How would you feel if you needed a therapy animal for one of your kids and a mini horse was brought in?  I think it would brighten almost anyone's day.  It's like "My Little Pony" in real life.  Fun.

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