This has always puzzled me. It's got be right up there with littering, not letting people merge and any other everyday rude action.


I can't imagine how long and hard this person had to be grocery shopping to expend so much energy that they could not muster up 10 steps more to get their cart put away. Perhaps they don't know there are spots to return these to, right there in the parking lot. Maybe they've seen the cart return spots and thought maybe.the store is just letting those carts have some outdoor playtime. At any rate it just baffles me. I've had carts blow into my car on windy days. An how about those times you find a great parking spot, only to start pulling into it and there's a cart in the way. Now you have to get out and move it yourself.

So, a call to action. we'll solve the World problems, one at a time. Next time you see someone about to just leave their cart in the parking lot, not in the cart corral, call them out. "Hey you, put your damn cart away!  Thank you"

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