Since a lot of people are doing the "staycation" this year and either just going to a local cabin or at least doing some sort of vacation that is within the Minnesota state lines, this might be something you'd like to try out.

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This crazy and potentially scary bridge is located at Jay Cooke State Park which is up near Cloquet.  It's about a 2 hour drive Northeast of St. Cloud.  It's one of those bridges that you might not want to cross, but then it would be the adventure of crossing it just to say you did.  Plus, if you are out hiking it might be something that you have to get across in order to continue the hike in the direction you are currently going.

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This bridge has taken a few different versions and improvements.  At first, in 1926, it was built with just some rope and logs.  If that were still the case it would be a hard pass from me.  In 1934, it was improved a bit and rebuilt with some stone pillars and looked much more sturdy.  Then in 1950 it was destroyed by a flood, but was rebuilt again 3 years later.  That one lasted for almost 60 years until 2012.  It was destroyed again by another flood.  Now it has been rebuilt again.  This time a lot more sturdy, and less scary than before, but it's still a bit nerve wracking just because of how long and open it is.

I'm not one for bridges... I mean, I will cross them if I have to, but I'd like some security of railings or something.  I crossed the "bridge of death" as I called it one year on a trip to Xel Ha in Cancun, Mexico.  Never again....

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