Being that I am from a small town... well, from there since I was 4...but that definitely qualifies.  It's nice and there is also a downside (sometimes) to being from a small town and to grow up in a small town.  The pros are definitely that everyone knows everyone.  It can be nice. People usually band together if there is something going on when a person or family is in need. On the other hand, everyone knows everyone so everyone will know your business too.  It has it's ups and downs.  Definite down was not being able to order a pizza.  You can go pick one up, but usually no delivery service.  Also- generally having to drive to a neighboring town for any major grocery shopping or something like a Target or Wal Mart.

I love the quaintness of a small town.  More so now that I live in a city- St. Cloud is a city comparatively speaking.  It's nice to see the old buildings and things that you can remember from generation to generation and not have any of it change... for the most part.

John Lamparski/Getty Images for Robert and Cortney Novogratz

Let's take Harmony, Minnesota.  I didn't even hear of this town until about 3 years ago.  Their claim to fame is a very cool haunted house that doubles as a fundraiser for the HS band.  It's one of the best around, plus there is a whole festival that goes on the week that it opens.  Super cool.

There are a lot of other towns that all have something that they are known for.  Mantorville, for instance has the oldest restaurant in the state- The Hubble House.

I'm sure there are towns that you can think of that are a bunch of awesome too... what isn't on this list that should be?