Sometimes I wonder if network TV has just given up. Since cable has been producing it's own content, it seems network TV has not even been trying. There is, for sure, a real lack of creativity. Hence, the remakes of shows that were on 20 or 30 years ago.

Here is a list of shows that were allegedly turned down by the networks.

"The Marvelous Mrs Measles"  sounds timely

"Subpoena Your Enthusiasm"

"A Handmaid's Tale...of Joe Biden Smelling Her Hair"

"The Vaping Dead"

"All My Unvaccinated Children"

"WWE Smackdown: Non-Homoerotic Edition"


"The Tonight Show with Steve Bannon"

"Keeping Up with the Baxters"

"How I Met You Dad on GRINDR"

The Fresh Prince of Saudi Arabia and His Buzz Saw

"Forest Trump"

The Price is Alt-Right"

All I can say is, better luck next year.

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