You may think that no one likes you, but according to a new study, people like you way more than you think they do.  Most likely.

With all the negativity around, and people being offended by pretty much anything and everything.  Seriously, it's out of control.  It's nice to have a study like this one that shows that people like you.  They really, really like you!

Happy senior adults showing thumbs up sign
Jacob Wackerhausen/Thinkstock

There is a journal called "Psychological Science" and they released a study that found that your first impression, in general, is probably better than you think, and that usually people like you WAY more than you realize.  It's like an ego booster without you having to anything, really.

This study wasn't limited to just one or two groups of people, either.  It was all across all personality types.  Basically everyone.  But the more surprising thing was the biggest find was that people who were somewhat introverted and thought people really didn't care for them. were the ones who found that people actually really liked them.   Maybe they will come out of their shell now a bit more.

Have a happy day!

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