Look – no one loves Pink Floyd as much as me. Next to Tool, they’re my favorite band of all time. "Dark Side Of The Moon" "Meddle" "Wish You Were Here" and "The Wall" are some of the most brilliant albums ever conceived. Roger Waters is a hero of mine.

The guy is an artistic genius (and in my opinion, Pink Floyd was over when he left the band.) I digress… anyway – There have been numerous adaptations of Floyd’s stage productions over the years. Sometimes in the form of a play, and sometimes just in the form of a great tribute band. But I’ve NEVER seen Pink Floyd disgraced in the form of a ballet.

I’m sure that performing in a ballet is no easy feat. I’m not disrespecting the art, but I am saying that ballets and rock music go together like a peanut-butter and fish sandwich (gross.) If you decide to attend this, let me know how it turns out. I would go myself, but the thought of watching this makes me sick to my stomach.

“The Wall” ballet is being performed at the Cowles Center in Minneapolis from March 1st through March 3rd. Tickets cost between $30 and $38 and are on sale now.

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