Life becomes just a little easier when you can identify things you wish not to deal with. Sure, there are things that are unavoidable in everyday life but a lot are avoidable and rightly so.

abstract Baxter

Meetings without a specific purpose. I heard a quote once that resonated with me "Not one of us is as dumb as all of us".  I like meetings where a purpose is stated, addressed and meeting over. There, that was easy.

Store clerks.  You know the store clerk that jumps on you as soon as you enter the store. Clerk "Any questions?"  Me "Yes, do you prosecute shoplifters?"

Clinic waiting rooms. Do you ever sit in one of those chairs and wonder just how freaking sick the person was that sat in it before you?  Don't even get me started on the magazines. Besides being mostly outdated, they most likely rival a petri dish.

Alarm clocks. Sadly, I need one of these since I do a morning radio show. The chance of my dead butt waking up without one at 4 AM is slim to none.  There has to be something very unhealthy about being shocked awake by a loud noise.  So, on weekends, I wake when i wake.

There are many more. What things do you avoid?

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