There are several things that you can buy without a membership at Costco.  Things that you would probably use almost everyday, AND you would be spending so much less for some of these items at somewhere other than Costco.

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People talking about the amazing pizza at Costco.  Only 2 choices, however.  Cheese and pepperoni.  But- it's a great deal, and no membership needed.  Also - the hot dog and a soda for just $1.50, can't go wrong with that.


Anyone can go into the liquor store and buy what you'd like.  I've heard people say "they always scan my card, so you have to have a memership".  That isn't true.  Yes, they do scan your card if you have one.  If you don't, they just scan a generic card that they have.


Another service that you don't need a membership for.  And, by the way, the prices are amazing.  I thought I needed to use GoodRX to get a great price.  They told me that I could use it, but their prices are actually lower than the GoodRX price.  And again with this service, if you have a membership, they will scan your card. But if you don't, they will scan a generic one, just like in the liquor store.


This is also a service that you can take advantage of with no membership.  And, the prices are amazing.  Much better than conventional optical stores - when purchasing a frame.

There has also been much talk about how they will check your ID when using the self-check out.  They are just cracking down on people sharing memberships when you should be a member for the other products.  It's just like streaming services that are cracking down on password sharing. These services cost something.  And, that is how stores like Costco and Sam's Club make most of their money so that they can continue to deliver the lower prices to their members.  You can, of course, go into Costco with a member and take advantage of the prices.  You just can't go in there by yourself.  If you want the lower prices - pay the $60 and save on the other things!  Your membership cost will be covered by the savings throughout the year on other products.

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