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So far so good when it came to the album 'Axis: Bold As Love', as for Side 1, Jimi was overjoyed how the song,"If 6 Was 9" turned out after it was all mixed.

Axis If 6 Was 9 LP, YouTube

The plan was to take the recorded sessions home for safe keeping when all was said and done, BUT as it turns out he left the master tapes in a cab that he took to a party after he left the studio and you guessed it they vanished.

Jimi H, YouTube

Sadly enough what eventually appeared on the album had to be remixed the next day and for the song, "If 6 Was 9" Jimi had to use a backup recording from an original session that Noel Redding (bassist) had made. It wasn't the same as the version Jimi liked but it had to do.


Behind the scenes of "If 6 was 9":

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