I've been to a few casinos, and I do mean a few.  I'm not that much into gambling.  But - when you go to a casino, and if you are planning on staying awhile, either overnight or at least for a few hours to where you would want to grab a meal, this buffet might be the perfect thing.

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There are some pretty great buffets around Minnesota.  There used to be more - pre-pandemic, but after that, some had to close due to people not being able to eat at those types of places, which is unfortunate.

But to the ones that did survive, some of these are very good with a lot of choices.

One of which on this list is the buffet at Black Bear Casino located in Carlton, outside of Duluth.  This is creatively called the "Buffet at the Bear".  I say creative in a bit of a sarcastic tone, but you know... This is the menu at the Buffet at the Bear.  

Anyway, the buffet is very good.  I have actually tried it, and there are a ton of choices for grub, which is great.  Then I see that it made a list of the best buffets.  This is totally justified.  Do I think that there may be other buffets that are really good, and should be contenders for the best in the state?  Absolutely. But should this one be one that people should check out? Also absolutely.

Head to Black Bear casino for a great buffet...apparently.  Check out some of the other great buffets on the list here.  

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