Everyone loves going to the zoo! One Central Minnesota zoo is not only a fun place to go when they are open, but it's also now in the running for what Minnesota's Best calls the best 'Minnesotan Landmark'. So what are you waiting for, go and vote for the Hemker Zoo, you have until April 5th to vote once a day!

The Hemker Zoo is now in the running to be called Minnesota's Best Minnesotan Landmark, but it's got some stiff competition. Also in the running, against the Hemker Zoo are the following places:

First Avenue

James J Hill House

Paisley Park

Minnesota State Fair

Lake Chipotle Tourism

Those were just a few of the other places listed on the Minnesota Best voting page, you can see what other places are in the running by going here. 

So how can you help the Hemker Zoo and Park make the top spot? Well, all you need to do is vote once a day, through April 5th. We won't know who the winners are until later in the year, but every vote counts.

According to the VoteMNBest website:

"To cast a vote, click on one of the categories below. You may vote once a day now through April 5th, 2023. Results will be published in Minnesota's Best Winners Magazine, which will be inserted in the Star Tribune newspaper on Sunday, August 13th. They will also be featured at VotedMinnesotasBest.com."

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Wish our friends at the Hemker Zoo & Park the best of luck, and hopefully, we can see them become officially Minnesota's Best Minnesotan Landmark. Also they open for the season in May, head to the Hemker Zoo and Park website for more details. 

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