So, I guess when  you're desperate, you're desperate.  But to be THIS desperate is a little... actually, scratch (get it) that, a LOT crazy.

If you have ever had an itch that you cannot scratch what do you do?  Like if it's on your back, you get a ruler, a back scratcher, use the wall, whatever to scratch the itch.  But what would you do if you had an itch in a very private area... or maybe even in an area that you can't get to?

A Puzzled Scratch
??????? Getty Images

Enter this guy.... he had an itch... for God knows why... inside of his junk.  So he thought it would be a good idea to stick something up there to relieve the itch.  Enter the phone charger.  WHAT??  Yes, you read that right... Phone Charger.  All 3 feet of it.  And how he actually made that happen I think is an entirely different story, but on we go with this story.  The phone charger actually somehow got tangled up once it reached his bladder, and had to be removed surgically.  Again... WHAT???  Yes.

This is one of those things that you wonder what the hospital staff thinks of when people come into the ER with crazy situations.  "And sir, how exactly did this happen?"


Well, at least the charger has been removed and the idiot, I mean guy, will fully recover.  At least physically.


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