This winter has been so strange.  First, very mild temperatures.  Minnesota is really not living up to its reputation.  Also, no snow.  Admittedly, I kind of like the lack of snow, better driving and walking outside without the multitude of slippery spots.  But yes, people who like winter sports would probably really like to see some snow.

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The other thing that was reported this morning was that something was seen in Minnesota that hasn't been seen in at least 30 years.  And that is a dust cloud.  First of all, it's extremely windy this morning, so it's not that unusual that there might be a dust cloud because of that.  But the odd thing is that it's December, and we have a dust cloud?  Yes, yes we do.

As far as the 30 years goes, it could actually be longer than that, but Ken Barlow, from KSTP, mentioned it this morning, and that is as long as he has been a meteorologist in Minnesota.  And this is the first time he has seen that type of thing in Minnesota in December.

Is it disappointing to see a dust cloud in the winter?  It is, if you are wanting more of a typical Minnesota winter.  A dust cloud just means that it's super dry.  Something we probably don't want coming out of a summer of a drought.

The upside of a lack of snow is the fact that when it does actually get super cold for an extended period of time, is that the ice may freeze much clearer.  This is better because it means that the ice is generally stronger than when it's mixed with snow.  Right now, no ice is really safe.  And it's best to stay off of it until we get a significant time of below freezing temperatures.

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