If you are in the market for things of the "weird and strange" this might just be the home or place for you.  If you are handy and would like to take the time to convert this sanitorium into a single family home, or even into a bed and breakfast or a VRBO, something along those lines. This place could be a gold mine.  Gold mine might be a bit of an exaggeration, but there is potential.

This building used to be used as a tuberculosis hospital from 1905 through 1944.  This is according to the Pine City History Association. At that time it was called the Pokegama Sanatorium.

This is from Racket:

Featuring electric blankets, fresh-grown food, and telephone access, the facility was considered high-end in its prime, a lakeside retreat where patients could fight TB in a woodsy setting.

I suppose if you are going to be sick, you might as well be in a place that looks nice, right?  Or at least the surrounding area is pleasing.  From the time that it closed in 1944, or at least it stopped being a hospital for people suffering from TB, it has been used for several different services such as a rehab facility, another sort of hospital, a religious group has used it, and now it has sat vacant since 1986.

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Apparently this building has been on the list of "most haunted places" since that time and there have even been tours.  If you are into haunted places, or supposed haunted places, the sanitorium was on that tour for the cost of $25.  It's believed to have been haunted by the patients from the time when it was used as a TB hospital.

There's even a video promoting this odd property.

I do think that the $99,000 price tag doesn't seem too bad.  That is, if you have the coin or investors who would like to work with you to turn it into something else.  Or something else with some other guests- ghosts- supposedly.  Or, you could buy it and have it "saged".  Maybe that would work.  Whatever you decide- it's a blank slate.


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