Or maybe it's worst?  Dude, with all of the time that you are spending trying to steal this bike, you could be working at a job and buying your own bike!

Should we give him a pass because it's New Orleans and it was Mardi Gras???


Seriously, look at the focus he has, the drive, determination and ingenuity he has to get this bike off the pole.  My goodness, he could put drive to such a better use other than being a delinquent.

Yan Lev/ThinkStock
Yan Lev/ThinkStock

Buy your own bike, buddy!!  Get a friend, go riding, but for godssake, don't steal one, especially when the camera is on you... like the WHOLE TIME!

How embarrassing.  It's like the speeding cameras.  Go and try and fight that... go ahead, I dare you!  You won't win.  And yes, that is also embarrassing.

I actually saw someone who used that photo as their profile picture.

How funny, right?

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