I know it has to be done, it just would have been nice if it didn't.  Time has been getting VERY short for how long it takes to change over US Bank Stadium for the Super Bowl.  Management at the stadium were waiting as long as possible to switch over the logos, signs and any other evidence of Vikings in hopes that they would be the NFC team in the big game.

That hope was shot last Sunday.

Cincinnati Bengals v Minnesota Vikings
Getty Images

Now, there is a very tight margin to get the stadium changed over and Super Bowl ready.  Usually this is done quite a bit before this point in the playoffs, but this was the first time there was the very possible chance the home team was going to be playing.  Now, time to make hay.


I had no idea it took this much to change everything over.  I mean, when I think about it, it makes sense, but to watch some of it happen... it's really a lot of work.  Those purple end zones had to be removed, all logos removed, electronic signs added outside.  Check out some of the work here. 

I'm just sad that it came to this.  And yes- it's going to bother me for awhile.  Sigh.

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