One Minnesota town just topped the list of the best winter fishing destinations in the country! The lucky destination is not too far from Duluth, either!

Brainerd was just named the best winter fishing destination by Fishing Booker, a popular outdoor blog. This list didn't just focus on ice fishing either! It looked at different winter fishing opportunities across the entire country - whether the climate be cold or warm.

So what sets Brainerd apart from other fishing destinations in the United States? According to the blog, it's the fact that it houses the biggest ice fishing event in the world - The Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza.

The annual event brings in thousands of dollars for charity each year and brings a lot of tourists to the area, too!

Stuart, Florida and Kailua Kona, Hawaii also made the cut but it's no secret they are doing a very different kind of fishing in those parts. Ha! I guess it is time to plan your next winter fishing getaway!

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