Last night I'm doing some Christmas shopping... i know... super late.  Let's just wait until the last minute, right?

Anyway, there was a line at a big box store that wound around and all the way back throughout half of the store. It was crazy long.  And guess what... most of these people were waiting for the self-check lane. Honestly, if you have a cart full of stuff that you are purchasing do not go through the self check line.  It just holds everything up.  I feel like it's an unwritten rule (should actually be written) that the self check line is actually just another express lane.  15 items or less!

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There are those people who think that the self check lane is for anyone, and on the other hand there are also people who think that there shouldn't be any self check lines anywhere.  Stating the reason that "they don't work there", so why should they be ringing up their own items?  Well, in the big scheme of things, you can probably get through faster using the self check lane, especially if you are using it as an express lane.  That way you aren't holding up the line.

The holidays are a crazy time of year, people are stressed, irritated and annoyed.  And any little thing can set people off.  Crazy that the holidays can set people in this type of mood, but we all know it happens.  So, when people have to wait (even though this time of year has a ton more shoppers than normal and we should all expect that), people get even more cranky.  And waiting for someone who has a cart full of stuff to too much for the self check lane.  Then you add in something not priced, or priced incorrectly, and that just adds even more problem to the wait time, creating even more cranky people.

There were several abandoned carts around the extremely long line yesterday.  Obviously from people who just were too irritated in the line to wait any longer.  Sad.

Bottom line: The self check should be treated as an express line only.

Disclaimer: I know that people will say that the self check option is the only option available.  Pro tip- go somewhere else than wally-world then.  Kidding!  Kind of.

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