Sitting at the State Fair yesterday. we looked over and noticed that a giant ride that is normally working the entire fair wasn't running.

We found out why - the Space Tower ride broke down, and the parts will not be in to fix it until after the fair is over.  So, next year it should be up and running again.  The Space Tower is a great landmark on the fairgrounds to have as a meeting place, or at least a spot where you can let people know where you are.  It's high above everything else, and is great for checking out the fairgrounds.  You can see just about everything from up there.  It's a great way to see things from up there that you may want to go and check out when you are back on the ground.

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For now, you will have to rely on the maps that they hand you upon walking into the fair (if you want one).  But what we found is that those maps aren't a great source of info either. That does sound strange, but it didn't show you anything but the major buildings.  If you were looking for a specific vendor or food item, you didn't get any help from that particular map.

Next year will be when everything is up and running once again.  So, if you are heading to the fair for the last weekend for this year, you will need to depend on the ferris wheel or the gondola (Sky ride) to get tree-top views of the fairgrounds.

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