The other day, my family and I went for a trip to the mall for school clothes. We parked over by Scheels and spent some time perusing the store for shirts, pants and shoes before venturing out to the mall.

The second we left the store and entered the food court my eyes were drawn to the store front of one of the eateries and I couldn't contain my giggle. As I have probably done 1,000 times since they opened, I laughed and pointed out the sign for the dessert shop about 300 feet away.

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"Fatty Gramma's"

Come on. That is just funny right there.

My wife said "Oh, you are one of THOSE people! My mom does the same thing when she sees the name of that place. It's like a personality test."

If thinking Fatty Grammas is an objectively funny name for ANY place of business, let alone a sweet shop is wrong, then I don't want to be right!

I wonder if Fatty Gramma is related to the guy from Fat Daddy's in Alexandria?


The store opened less than two years ago and has gotten some great reviews on Google, like this one from Carolyn S:

They have assorted baked goodies. The cookies are a huge 5 ounce, delicious, melt in your mouth delight! Coffee is fresh brewed from beans with each cup. There are iced lattes and smoothies as well. Enjoyed conversation with Rick, one of the co owners.


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