That's right - you can take in a round of golf at US Bank Stadium this winter.  How cool would that be?  It's almost like Top Golf, but it's at US Bank Stadium (cool points) and you just tee off from the upper level down onto seme greens laid out on the field.

US BANK Upper Deck Golf
US BANK Upper Deck Golf
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From their Press Release:

As part of U.S. Bank Stadium’s first-ever indoor golf event, fans will have a chance to play a round of golf from the upper seating areas, utilizing custom greens on the field while enjoying great music, cold drinks, food, and multiple golfing challenges at a clubhouse bar and festival area inside the stadium.

This will be happening for the first time this coming February, 23-25.  People are interested in participating in this can sign up now for the waitlist.  Just go to their website and sign up.

There are also two choices when you go to the website.  You can choose from Standard Tee Time, or you can choose the VIP Tee Time.



They are also giving the warning to sign up early, as these are definitely expected to sell out.  So, if you want to check it out, it's best to get on this asap!

If you are thinking you are going to be missing out on golf this winter (unless you are heading to Arizona, or something) you can joint this fun event!

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