One of the things that I have been hearing so much of recently is how St. Cloud drivers are "the worst".  And how do the accidents that have been happening even happen?  There have been some pretty bizarre situations as of late.  And people saying that people are driving without insurance... it's too expensive.  People not having a license and driving anyway, which might also be contributing to the fact that they don't have any insurance

When I was in high school, drivers education was an offered class that basically everyone took.  It wasn't really even a question.  Then you would do the 50 hours of behind the wheel instruction.  Then you would take the test, and it seemed like the people giving the driving test were very strict.  They noticed everything.  Making sure your observation, speed, hand placement, etc, was textbook correct.

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Does it seem like that is lacking?  Observing drivers around the area would make a person wonder that very thing.  What is happening when they take the actual driving test to obtain a license?  I've heard complaints about the "drivers license for all" law.  I think there may be some confusion.  People are still supposed to take the test, they just don't have to prove citizenship prior.

Now, with all of the e-learning that everyone had to do during the pandemic, has brought on the option of onine classes for the written portion of the drivers test.  You still have to take the behind the wheel instruction.  And you still have to pass the written test, but how much is a person paying attention when the class is online?  It seems like that was one of the things both teachers and parents were complaining about with e-learning.  Seems the same would apply here.  Also - obviously there has to be a written test taken and passed, but who is actually taking the test?  I'm being pessimistic and sceptical.  But it does beg the question.  Or do people just not take the rules of the road seriously anymore?

Question - is the online written test classes sufficient?  Or should people need to be in a actual in-person classroom?  There are obviously arguements for and against, but my personal feeling is that anyone would learn better during an in-person classroom setting.  But maybe that i just me.

Maybe the problem is just distracted driving and not the actual instruction?

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