Such bad timing for this most recent COVID-19 surge around the country and especially in our part of the country.

Immigrant Families Celebrate Thanksgiving In Connecticut
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2020 has truly sucked as far as all the adjustments we've had to make in our daily lives. Now, with the holidays soon approaching and families wanting to gather, like every other holiday season, we must take extra precautions to prevent infecting family and friends or getting infected ourselves.

Last Friday, Gov. Walz enacted some new restrictions for private gatherings in Minnesota. The new limit on gatherings is now 10 people and 3 families at the most.

Allina Health infectious disease and internal medicine specialist Dr Rhame has these 3 recommendations for to minimize your exposure to COVID over the holidays.

Meet in large enough spaces so you can easily practice social distancing. "When gathering, families should seek out the largest spaces possible," Dr. Rhame said. "Wear masks when possible and, when eating, keep a safe social distance, versus sitting around a tightly packed, traditional communal table."

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He also suggested that if you have college students returning home for the holidays, that you take special precautions including testing before they leave school to come home, if possible.

DDr Rhame also stressed having a clear plan for the holidays. "Before your gathering, have an upfront conversation about what you are and aren’t going to do in the weeks leading up to the visit," Dr. Rhame suggested. "Then agree on your plans for the visit beforehand, so everyone is on the same page."

Like I've said a thousand times before, listen to the experts. If we are all onboard, maybe we can get this thing under control. This is a real possibility with vaccines now on the horizon. Stay healthy and vigilant and may next year offer us all some hope for normalcy.

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