Everyone in the area... at least generally, like to head out to summer music festivals.  It is something we look forward to and tend to pack as much as we can into our summers outdoors.  There are so many festivals being added that, unless you are independantly wealthy, you need to pick and choose which ones you are going to attend.

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With that said, how you may pick and choose which festivals you will be attending may have several factors. Things like distance. How far away is the festival that you are looking at attending?  Also - a biggie - lineup.  This will also play into how far you are willing to travel to see a particular band or solo artist.

So, when a traveling festival is announced to be coming to Minnesota this June, will be held at Allianz Field, and tickets going on sale Friday, wouldn't the first question be "who's playing?"  Second question would probably be "how much are the tickets?" The second question has been answered.  The tickets will range in price from $70 up to $1199 for tickets will a VIP experience.  This is according to Bring Me the News.  The first question has yet to be announced.

The festival is the Breakaway Music Festival, and is known for pop and electronic dance type music.  But does this festival have enough power to have people purchase tickets without knowing the lineup?  Myself - I would say no, but maybe I'm in the minority.  I guess if you purchase tickets, and you get a great deal, you do always have the option to sell them later to someone else.  But still - this is odd.

The lineup for the Breakaway Music Festival is set to be announced on their Instagram page at a later date.  That date, however, has not yet been announced, but early bird tickets will be on sale Friday. Hopefully there will be some word of at least an artist or two.

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